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Enhance Your Appearance with Our Lash and Brow Services

Poetry in motion and beauty in stillness! Our Lash & Brow services are tailored to meet your desires and accentuate the best of you.

*services are customized to each client*

classic lashes

For the minimalistic client seeking the maximum change in their lash game. This basic technique consists of one single extension applied to one single natural lash.

hybrid lashes

For the client wanting the best of both worlds by using a combination of both classic and volume techniques. This set is destined to give the client the oomph they’re looking for.

volume lashes

For clients that want to make a statement. This full and fluffy set adds maximum coverage for the client looking for more.

brow laminations

Get the brows of your dreams. This lamination precisely and strategically places every individual brow hair into a specific area to create a fuller, more defined brow. Shaped to perfection.

brow tint

Ready to have fuller brows? Our brow tint adds just the right amount of coloration to the brows for a fuller, bolder look.

brow wax

the use of wax to create the perfect brow shape.