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Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with the one-of-a-kind facial treatments offered at One: Nine Salon. Our experienced estheticians use professional-grade ingredients to ensure your skin glows.

 acne facial

with the use of professional-grade ingredients, our estheticians remove impurities from the clients skin and clean their pores to evacuate bacteria.

dermaplane facial

includes a double cleanse, dermaplane (exfoliation that helps new skin rise to the surface), extractions if necessary, cold stone massage, mask, and finishing p products. Includes LED therapy. This facial is bound to create a relaxing environment.

high frequency scalp treatment

with the use of a high-frequency machine, this scalp treatment treats dandruff, gradual hair loss, and itchy scalp.

microdermabrasion facial

time to feel refreshed. This facial removes dead and flaking skin and stimulates collagen and elasticity. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Fights to reduce the appearance of acne scars. As if this facial isn’t already top-notch, it also cleans clogged pores and clears hyperpigmentation.

oxygen RX facial

a controlled amount of oxygen is generated at optimal levels to the skin to replace the ruddy-look associated with acne, rosacea, and telangiectasia, with brighter skin. This nourishing treatment includes RX Treatment, enzyme, hydrating mask, and LED therapy.